In Nigeria, it is common to hear of people who claim they are being haunted by ghosts of loved ones, family or friends either in their dreams or in reality while walking on the road or doing house chores. Some even say these ghosts tend to their young ones while they are sleeping or even re arrange the position of things in the house.

    This raises the question: how do we really expect the dead to rest in peace when they were abandoned during their life-time by loved ones or how we fight over inheritance of properties left behind by the dead or is it how the government treat dead people???

    We see people especially the old who are left to fend for themselves while their children or loved ones who feel they cannot be saddled with the responsibility of taking proper care of them are enjoying life to the fullest.

    Most of them are even dumped in the village or any other place and are forgotten and abandoned. When they finally die and the news go around, they plan elaborate burial ceremony to prove to others that they are well loaded and able to plan a befitting burial for the dead while in reality, half of that money was not spent on taking care of them during their lifetime. Even after the burial, they are abandoned for years without a single visitation.

    We hear of fights between members of the family who are fighting for the properties left behind by the dead even before the body goes cold. It could be so serious to the extent that some employ diabolical means to harm whoever is in their way to getting the inheritance. Lives are being lost and tampered with because of greed for properties that do not originally belong to them. Now tell me, how do you expect the dead to rest in peace. Or they might even be the ones to kill their wealthy family members because they know the properties will go straight to them.

        Let’s talk about the government, they approve and allocate space in the cemetery that have been used before to people who are in need of where to bury their dead. You see different kinds of bones on the same spot. Most times that same spot has been used to bury five different persons. The cemetery is not even being taken care of by the government even when it is owned or controlled by them while we see how in the western world, the cemetery is being taken care of and maintained by the government.

    The dead will only rest in peace in Nigeria when they are being well taken care of and loved by their families while still alive. Also, when there cease to be bloodshed and enmity over properties left behind by the dead sometimes even before they are put to rest. Only then will some dead finally be able to REST IN PEACE.

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