Why No Animal is “unclean” to eat

    No Animal today is “unclean” to eat.

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    Everybody have their own preferences as to what kind of animal to eat and not to eat. Some people prefer not to eat some certain animals for different reasons, some are due to health reasons, spiritual, cultural or because they are vegetarians.

    The Bible refers some animals such as Pig, Snail, Camel, Hare and Rabbit as unclean. So because of this some Christians refuse to eat such animals.

    Today am going to tell you why it’s okay to actually eat these animals.

    It is without doubt that the bible in the Old Testament warned us against eating unclean animals in Leviticus chapter 11 vs 1-47, God even chided us not to even touch their dead bodies, especially the rabbit and the pig, because they are spiritually bad for us.

    A lot of Christians today still follow this instruction.

    The New Testament did say in Acts chapter 10 vs 13-15 God showed these same animals to Peter and asked him to kill it because nothing God created that is unclean.

    So if these animals that we have tagged unclean as so bad, then why did God give it to Peter to eat?

    The instruction given by God not to eat certain animals in the Old Testament was given in a time when the laws were harsh to prevent people from sinning. Then every sin was liable for punishment.

    The New Testament during the time of grace and forgiveness, God made these animals clean and instructed that it is now okay to eat them.

    Right now we don’t have any right to call these animals unclean, instead we now have the right to eat them because they are now clean.

    But it is understandable if you still won’t eat some of these meats due to health reasons. But not because of what was written in the book of Leviticus chapter 11 vs 1-47.

    Christians should know that every animal created by God is clean and can be eaten.

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