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    Why i cheated on my husband. and i have no regret. A lady share her story


    As I walked towards Caleb’s house, a brief  thought of where my husband would be right now made me eager to get to Caleb sooner. I would have used his car if Christian had not decided to drive it out today.  He said he had a meeting with a client but I know what kind of meeting he’s having right now. I have been the foolish wife for eight years continuously waiting for him to change and all the while he carried on thinking he was smarter and I didn’t know of all his escapades with the female staffs at his work place.

    Me and Christian got married in the year 2011 at our church in Asaba.He was a very nice and clean man. We hardly fought when we were dating. He was always ready to apologize when I was offended. He made me very comfortable in the relationship and I trusted him. I loved him just as much as I thought he loved me and our marriage was a blissful one up until last year. Christian never forgets our anniversary. He always made it the best occasion for me which made everyone  around us envious. We were the couple written in the stars from above.But last year was different. Christian forgot our anniversary. I should have waited for him to get home before concluding that but I didn’t want the whole anniversary to end without anything special so I sought out his wardrobe to see if there was any special surprise I had missed. And as I searched on I saw something amazing!

    There were no flowers or ticket reservations or chocolates. Nothing to celebrate us. No new wares or anniversary cakes and cards just a pink little thong that didn’t belong to me.  

    At first, I didn’t want to care, I trust my husband. But then, it was just the wrong day to feel insecure. Why would Christian have a lady’s thong in his things. In all six years of being married to him, we never shared wardrobes. Christian is a festive at being neat. He didn’t like disrupting his routines. He likes his things being well arranged so we kept our clothes apart especially our Underwear.So it baffles me that christian would buy a thong and keep in his drawers.So as troubled as I was, I waited for him to get back from work. I wasn’t  bothered about his forgetting our anniversary anymore, I just wanted to know how the thong came about.I forgot to make him dinner that day but he didn’t care as he got home very tired that night. He climbed into our bed with nothing more than a customary peck and slept like a log of wood. 

    I reached out for his phone by the bedside. In all our years of acquaintance, I have never touched Christian’s phone. I had no reason to. I switched it on and it wasn’t secured. Of course! He had no reason to doubt my trust for him just as I didn’t have a reason to doubt him until the thong of doubt. At first as I perused his phone, I felt terrible invading his privacy but then I remembered the pastors word as he joined us as man and wife. “YOU ARE NOW ONE, MR & MRS CHRISTIAN.”

    And it hit me that as the only Mrs Christian, I had a right to invade Mr Christian’s privacy so I continued. Into his gallery, through his contact list, unto his SMS until finally I got to his whatsapp chat.The first chat that hit me is Mrs Christian. The last message read “Happy Anniversary my wife.”I smiled and put the phone down. My husband remembered. That was enough, I didn’t care about the thong anymore. I leaned closer to my husband to kiss him when a message popped in from his phone from Mrs Christian. Surprised, I stopped and checked to see if my phone was close to me but it wasn’t. I picked his phone slowly and opened the message from Mrs Christian and it read. ” Happy 7th anniversary to us, I can’t wait for you put a ring on my finger and make me the real Mrs Christian.”

    I don’t know how but I think my heart stopped twice in that moment.It was everything I never thought could happen. It was the beginning of an end. I sat there all night just staring at him after I had read all their previous messages. I didn’t know if to stab him while he slept. I was Mrs Christian only by name. The real Mrs Christian is a fair ogre who had bust like she was going to war with it. I hated her and hated him more. She had him all this while and I thought I was married. I read more of his chats and realized the man I married is a matured womanizer. He had ladies he took out on regular occasions when I thought he was at work earning a living for us. I wanted to hurt him badly. I couldn’t kill him. It would be peaceful for him.

    I wanted to do to him what he had done to me and really show him the power of a woman. He had underestimated me and I needed to make him pay. That was my only thought that night and it calmed me.The next day, I got up and fed him as always and wished him well at work.Then I dressed up and did the best makeup and went to church. I knelt down and prayed to God for my terrible thoughts over my husband. Also I prayed to God to forgive him and give him a change of heart. I stayed in church for hours before I went back home to prepare dinner for my husband and that was the last time I thought about Mr and Mrs Christian. I continued on with my dutiful wife lifestyle because I didn’t want to lose my marriage. But obviously he didn’t care one bit about our marriage. Christian continued to threaten our marriage with his cheats. It became a rumor around us. People who envied us started to laugh at us. I was the ignorant wife and he was the smart one yet I endured.  He did all his away matches until he brought it home. He started to do our neighbors and I couldn’t help it anymore. Everyone laughed at me everywhere I went.Caleb is my university days admirer.  I knew him before Christian but we never dated because Christian came and I thought I had found my right man. How foolish of me.

    Now I can finally right my foolishness. Caleb never stopped loving me. He kept in touch all these years even though he knew I was married and he was nice to me always, a very good friend. Which is why I only thought of him when the thought to cheat came to me. Christian thinks I can’t cheat, he believes that cheating is for men. He has joined the crowd that says a man can cheat while a cheating woman is a whore. I’ll show him the whore in me.I got to Caleb’s home, he was a bit surprised to See me but I could tell he still likes me by the way he stared at me. I refused to give him a chance to talk or try to think as I rushed him like a hungry lion and moved him to the couch. With Christian, sex had always been gentle like a ceremonial routine.  I never complained because I thought that was what he wanted and I always wanted to please my husband but Caleb was a wild lover just like me.  I gave him everything I should have given my husband and more but I wasn’t scared. I didn’t care if I was caught, I wanted to do a video of this moment and send it to Christian. I wanted him to know that his gentle wife who didn’t know how to play had bested him in his game. I have finally cheated on my husband who cheated on me for eight years of our marriage and I still bested him at it. I wish the world who laughed at me could know this.



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