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    Update on the news. Benin City on lockdown SARS killed a boy along sapele road in Benin city.

    Happening right now in Sapele Road in Benin city, Angry boys block the road because a police cause the death of a guy, while chasing a yahoo boy all in the name to get money from the yahoo guy.

    According to eye witnesses, the police men saw a beautiful, nice car driving down the road and decided to give the car a hot chase while chasing the car,

    A pedestrian was killed while some policemen were chasing an alleged yahoo boy around Ughoghobi junction along Benin-Sapele road. Mob have taken over and gone violent by burning tyres on the road. .

    Report from our men on ground says why the policemen were chasing the suspected yahoo boy and while running the yahoo boy killed a pedestrian. Presently the youths have taken over Sapele road

    Seeing what had just happened, the policemen tried to run away but angry mob who were watching what was going on refused to let them and came out in large number to block the very busy road in Benin although the policemen are trying their best to scare them off with their guns.

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