Home News Unless Atiku Allows Me To Work I Won’t Announce My Cabinet.

    Unless Atiku Allows Me To Work I Won’t Announce My Cabinet.


    How Long Will It Take Mr. President To Announce His Cabinet?

    When PMB assumed office in 2015, it took him about the space of six months to make known his cabinet. It’s two months now since PMB was sworn into office and Nigerians are still in the dark about who will help him pilot the affairs of the nation. There were speculations in 2015 that after three unfruitful attempts Mr. Buhari wasn’t prepared for his victory and so was unprepared to announce the members of his cabinet. That was 2015 now is 2019.

    Is that excuse still valid?

    When PMB finally made his appointments in 2015, the only surprise was how much he depended on his allies from primary school and how little faith he had on other Nigerians. One would have expected that Mr. Buhari would have done a good of studying Nigerians from all walks of life over the last four years while also having a chance to work with them. What then could be wrong?

    I guess that the problem now is similar to that of 2015. PMB has been elected each time by a massive support from North and West of Nigeria and was greeted by a complete rejection by the East and SS. His delay in announcing his cabinet could possibly be traced to this challenge: in what measure should he pay back those who rejected him and how can he also reward those loyal supporters? It surely is a tough call to make.

    The second problem is what area he should look into in his second term: continue with the war against corruption; continue with strengthening the military; continue with fighting insurgency (Boko Haram); nothing good has really come out from these fight over the years. Or should he change the trajectory and if so in which direction? This too is a tough call to make.

    To say that he is having this trouble clearly shows lack of preparation to govern, just like one who stumbles into power. I suppose that an incumbent president should have had enough time to see what he would love to do with extra time before even asking for that extra time. Where has he covered much ground and ought to continue and which new areas are there for him to exploit. Who are the best people he has encountered and who will help him? If PMB has really been observant these will be easy questions to answer. Can we assume that he has not been observant in his ways of governing or his personnel?

    Truly, another possible explanation of his inability to hit the ground running could be that Mr. Buhari is sicker that he lets out. Sick old men find it difficult trying to focus, they also experience more difficulty remembering things, like faces and names -something close to memory loss, and are usually don’t trust people. Could this be problem of Mr. President?

    Does PMB’s APC Party which is currently battling with internal crises have anything to do with his delayed appointments? We have the Oshimhole’s, the Tinubu’s and the restive governors and ex-governors who want in, could it be that they are lobbying so hard? But a focused leader should have expected this all along and made adequate provisions on how to deal with these kinds of pressure.

    Is Mr. President naturally a slow thinker or a slow actor?

    The senate is fully set and in session. And ready to confirm or reject PMB’s appointments. The senate is wired to PMB’s favor with little or no chance of rejecting any of his appointments. The only thing missing is the list of PMB’s appointments. We hope it just doesn’t take up to six months this second time around.

    One more thing. Could it be that PMB is afraid that the election tribunal might rule in favor of Mr. Atiku who is challenging Buhari’s election and so is waiting decision of the tribunal?

    Let’s keep watching.

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