Uncovered: Secret cult for young girls between the ages of 13-16 with sex as a mode of Initiation in Benin (Video)


    A secret female cult known as Marine Fine Girls with sex as its mode of initiation has been uncovered in Ofu-Egbe along the Benin-Lagos road, Edo State.

    Their rule is that new members have multiple sex with different partners to be able to join the secret club. They usually have the initiation as several sexual activities in an uncompleted building in the area. It was revealed that the condition for initiation into the secret group is that the girl must have sex with over ten men.

    The names of the three suspects are; David Blessing (16 years old), John Ruth (14 years old), Emeka Ada (13 years old).

    One of the suspects was alleged to have had sex with 10 men who turns in the sex act. Another suspect also had sex with 6 men in her room while the 13 years old girl first had sex with 6 men on her initiation and 4 men on the day of their meeting which takes place every Sunday evening in an uncompleted building.

    However, trouble came knocking when the mother of one of the girls observed some drastic changes in her daughter’s life and confronted her about it.

    Upon deep inquiry, the 13 years old daughter told her mother how she had sex with 10 men in her room. The Police were then contacted and the girls taken into custody while a search has been on for the men who had sex with the girls.

    The youngest girl gave her insight on the activities of the secret cult.

    The Edo State Commissioner of Police, Johnson Babade-Kokumo has advised parents to keep eyes on their children at all times.

    Watch video below;

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