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    Today’s Prophets, Society and the People

    If you love me, feed my sheep*   We know that before Christ left the earth,  he instructed Peter,  who was functioning as the leader and head of God’s people/disciples (His sheep) to feed his sheep. He went ahead to ask Peter if he loved him more than the pleasures of this life and Peter answered in the affirmative and Christ asked him to feed his sheep. John 21:15-17

    When Jesus said ‘feed my sheep’, He was not just talking about giving them food. It includes listening to them,  taking care of their needs when necessary, assisting them in tackling challenges of life,  advising them,  leading them onto the right path, admonishing them and passing for them     Gone are the days when one shares his problem with another and he is told go to church,  meet with your pastor and brethren of like faith,  you will get a solution No one would eagerly give you that response now because most of our Pastors are always ‘too busy’ to give ears to a ‘common’ man. Instead they ask the sheep to bless them and show into their ministry, attaching blessings to obedience and consequences to disobedience; not minding of the sheep is up to the task or not.

    Most people around us commit suicide due to reasons that could have been handled if or pastors are diligently feeding the sheep. Instead,  they buy private jets, build profit goal oriented schools,  take exotic vacations and live luxurious lives while their followers wallow in poverty and challenges of life.’Feed my sheep’ is not an instruction for only leaders and pastors, out is applicable to everyone in the position to feed others.

     When we do this,  our society will be filled with happier people and people who are more content because they are confident in the fact that whatever life throws at them, they have people who care enough about them to tackle it with them and there will be less reason for suicide.

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