Home News They way forward for Nigeria. Fela durotoye

    They way forward for Nigeria. Fela durotoye

    Speaking yesterday at CHANNELS TV Fela Durotoye – Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)Talk on issue in the country and explain what he will do when elected president of the 
    federal republic of Nigeria One of those things he talked about is Economy, power and security. these are some of the 
    things he highlighted 
    “I’m not a politician, I’m a nation-builder. Nigeria will grow if these so called big 
    politicians stay away from office and allow nation builders to take over key office in 
     The ANN candidate noted that his counterparts on the platform of the Young Progressive 
    Party (YPP), Professor Kingsley Moghalu, and former presidential candidate of Allied 
    Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, also belong to the nation-
    builder class. so we need more nations builders to come take over key office by so doing 
    this country will experience a great change.
    He was then ask what will he do about the current cry of the labor to increase minimum 
    wage if he was elected as president. and he answered by saying, increasing minimum wages is 
    not the answer when we have not increase productivity so we need to increase productivity 
    first and we need to improve in our Agriculture we have vast land and we have not even 
    use 40% of it, the government need to invest more on this area to boost the economy when 
    the economy is balance minimum wage will not be a problem but for now the minimum wage is 
    small because the economy is down so the #18000 minimum wage does not have value 
    Question was ask again what should we invest on to build the economy?
    We need to invest in power, Security, employment and productivity 
    we will make sure Nigeria is China in Africa and increase value and our 18000 Naira will 
    now have value and make life easy for all in Nigerians. 
    he was asked; what will you do to solve power when you are elected as president? and he said power is very important in Nigeria to boost small scare business because in 
    my own business in Lekki for 7 years i generated my own power not that we don’t have 
    power then, but when power comes it just blow off our appliance so we just decide to 
    generate our own power for 7 years. one of the things we will do is gas supply because we 
    are not using our gas in the right direction to support our powerone of our problem in power is transmission and distribution because we have enough 
    losses on distribution and yet nothing has been done to it. The government is the largest 
    debtor to this distribution of power. and Nigeria know what to do but they are not doing 
    it because the people that fund this party import diesel how do you expect them to fix this 
    power when they are in the business to import diesel how do you expect them to make money. 
    why do you think power goes off during festive season because this big men want to sell 
    their fuel and diesel so will must address power issue to boost Nigeria economy and when 
    there are power and security investors will come.
    Questions was asked again; how do you see the fight against corruption in the country? The ANN candidate further condemned the situation where the fight against corruption is 
    purportedly aimed at a section while the others are left out.He queried why those who were accused of corruption would suddenly become free of the 
    charges against them in the name of moving from one political party to the other.

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