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    The young Nigerian identified in the ukranian airplane that crashed in Iranian soil


    A young Nigerian with the name Dauda Onoruoiza has been identified amongst those who died in the crashed Boeing 737-800 plane.

    Dauda who is on a mandate to study the mechanical sound of the plane and report back to the company.

    The young man who must have had plans for the new year 2020 before meeting his death in the ill-fated crash was on a training programme and was supposed to report back to the company for the maintenance of the plane on Monday 13th January.

    The plane crashed with no survivor after it was attacked by Iranian military.

    Other people in the plane apart from the Nigerian killed include,11 passengers from Ukraine,82 from Iran,63 from Canada and 3 from Germany.The flight also had 10 passengers from Sweden,4 from Afghanistan.Three others from the United Kingdom.

    Boeing described the incident as tragic even as it sends condolences to the families of the passengers and crew members.
    Iranian Government admitted that its military made what it called ‘unforgivable mistake’ in unintentionally shooting down the Ukrainian jetliner.

    A thread of tweets by the Iranian president,Hassan Rouhani said that armed forces ‘internal investigations’ had arrived at the conclusion that missiles regrettably fired due to human error caused the horrific crash of the Ukrainian Plane and death of 176 innocent people on board.

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