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    The World to be healed of Coronavirus from April 9 – Oluwo of Iwo prophesies


    The king and spiritual leader of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has been speaking up about the rampaging deadly virus that has taken over the world, the Coronavirus.

    The king, had earlier issued a spiritual warrant of arrest on the deadly virus. He pronounced the arrest of the deadly virus through his office, as a king and spiritual head of his community. Oba Akanbi also gave an ultimatum of 16 days for the menace to vacate the whole world.

    Now that the warrant of arrest has passed 10 days, leaving it with six days to the fulfillment of his prophecy, the king took to his Instagram handle to assure the world and his followers that he meant what he said. He noted that in six days’ time, God will sheath his sword and we will all heal together.

    In another post, the Oluwo admonishes the people to “stay safe by keeping the distance and wearing masks, help your neighbour in need by feeding them and always wash your hands whenever you handle money and touch anything”.

    He emphatically noted that we are in this current situation together until “God Kabiesi Olodumare sheaths His sword in 6 days time and we all heal together !! God bless you all abundantly to witness the next power shift in the world that will give glory to only God in the highest”.

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