Home News The New Look of Oshodi. With pictures

    The New Look of Oshodi. With pictures


    For those living outside Lagos state am sure you must have heard of the popular place called Oshodi.And for the Lagos residents, Oshodi is a well known place.As a lagosian you must have had a reason to pass through Oshodi either in transit,visiting or shopping.As a true Lagosian you must have a thing or two to say about the popular Oshodi under bridge ranging from the crowded bus stop with passenger and commuters to the ever busy road side markets that are never short of patronage.The dreaded Oshodi under bridge is  well known as a home for hoodlum, Armed robbers and the likes.

    Under the Oshodi bridge unspeakable atrocities have been committed even in broad daylight.
    I am proud to say that the dreaded Oshodi under bridge have taken a new shape. Security have been restored, the street lights are now working. It is now safe to drive or walk through the Oshodi under bridge without fear of been harassed or robbed by hoodlums because of the security presence

    Behold the new look of Oshodi. THE OSHODI INTERCHANGE

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