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    The Danger Of Office Romance

    Office sex slavery is not a strange thing in our country today. This is applicable to both the men and the women. We have men who sexually harass co-staff especially the female subordinates and vice versa.

    If you are an employee and you know you are caught in this web and you are looking for an escape, please quit that job. If you cannot, then look for a way to implicate whoever it is that is harassing you. The best way out is to pray to God to deal specially deal with that person, to give that person an assignment that will shift his or her focus from you.

    I had a female course mate back then in the university days who was under pressure and constant intimidation by one of our lecturers. This could be linked to an office romance between a superior and subordinate. He kept failing her in his course because she refused to sleep with him for three years. She almost left the school but we encouraged her to take the matter to god and the lecturer was sacked. He committed a grave mistake against the school and he was sacked. Here is what he did.

    He took another student to an hotel, unknown to him she had planted a camera in the room at a very accurate angle to capture what was going on. she begged him a lot not to carry on with it but as always he threatened to fail her the way he had been failing her for years. Little did he know that that was the last student he will oppress in that manner in the campus. After the sexual intercourse, she quietly took the recorded tape straight to the Vice Chancellor’s office, that was how God helped my course mate who would have been made a sex slave on campus but by prayers, God dealt with him. But this post is not about university sexual harassment.

    The emotional associated with being an office sex slave is crazy especially as a married man or woman whose partner has no job and he/she is the breadwinner of the home. For fear of losing the job, he or she endures it all. Such a person finds it difficult to relate what is happening at work with the partner. He/she is in a fix, comes back from work worn out and frustrated. He/she is stuck between two worlds. One at the office and the other at home. He/she starts denying the partner sex and the partner is very careful not to challenge the working spouse and tries not to read meaning to the lack of zeal for sex everyday and then problems starts creeping into the marriage.

    You must get to that point in life where we trust God enough as to quit your jobs and believe you would be better off without it. Either you get a new one or you open your own business.

    If you get to a cross road in life and you don’t know where to turn to, be it left or right, you can’t move forward or go backwards then fall on your knees because u can look up and draw strength from our help in Heaven, the Almighty God Himself

    When u study the first picture on the left u will see the woman intimidating the man with her boobs being exposed rather than discussing the office matters on the papers she is holding

    The second picture is the man dipping his dirty hands into the woman’s skirt

    I was compelled to do this post again because of many inbox messages related to this matter, but this time around, I am bringing in the God factor

    It is not in your best interest to remain an office sex slave if you are enjoying it because he or she bought you a car, got you a house or constantly loads your account with cash or promises you office promotions, then you have two jobs. The first job is a written job which is your office job and the second is unwritten which is the job of a prostitute and we do have male prostitutes in this generation..Only a prostitute earns a living by selling his or her body forget all the street vocabulary names they use to sugar coat it. Examples: Runs babe ..Aristo, chick, small girl with a big god. A prostitute is a prostitute. Full stop.

    And it’s only by the grace and mercy of God you would make heaven. I am not judging hence my careful use of words. grace and mercy of God.

    But then what shall it profit a man or woman if and when you gain all the houses, cars, monies and many sex escapades and then loose your soul?

    But if u know you are an office sex slave out of duress and compulsion, then it’s time to make an appeal to the Supreme courts in Heaven and report your tormentors

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