Some days back, I waked into a pharmacy to buy some malaria drugs, I spent less than 10minutes and in that duration, not less than 7 guys walked into the pharmacy to buy Virgo. Jokingly, I told the pharmacist “this drug sells like fire o”, he laughed and said he sells more than 5 full packs daily. I was amazed.

    This is a topic that most persons avoid and it has the power to destroy homes and happiness. It has wrecked homes and relationships. THE INABILITY TO SEXUALLY SATISFY YOUR PARTNER IN BED.


       In the days of our fore fathers, I highly doubt that they had this problem. This could be because they were natural in their food and drinks intake. It is disheartening that our food and drinks consumption is more artificial than natural. We prefer chemically induced food and drinks thinking we are living a big life.

    It is not rare to find crowd in an eatery especially on a Sunday. Most of us don’t even take water with our food anymore. We prefer soft drinks with high level of sugar which is self-destructive.

        A man that must sexually satisfy his partner must make conscious effort to be disciplined in his food and drinks intake especially one who is above 40 years. He must not be addicted to sugary foods like Amala, Pounded Yam or Fufu. Not that you must totally abstain from it, you must ensure to balance them with enough vegetables.

    It is very dangerous for a man to always sexually depend on sex enhancement drugs. Back then in secondary school, in biology class, on the topic of reproduction. Our teacher taught us that the erection of the male organ is made possible by the amount of blood the heart pumps into the veins the penis is wired with. So as blood enters the veins, the male organ stretches itself. For it to remain stretched, your heart has to be in constant pumping velocity and rate. Now imagine what happens when you use drugs to enhance it. What you are telling the heart is that it should pump twice as hard and fast more than its normal rate. That is why I always pity those who do this to engage in 3,4 and even 10 rounds of sex. It is not Olympics please. You are on your way to heart attack or cardiac arrest.

    The truth is that when you are having sex and you cum or release, the heart goes on to a quick rest. If because of the drugs you took, your heart continuous to pump for you to have “hard as a rock” erection, you are inviting health hazard to yourself. With effect to this topic, it is one of the worst moments in man’s life – sexual failure. It diminishes the man in him, it weakens him. The truth is that, it has destroyed relationships and homes.

      Many couples tend to keep quiet and not talk about it. It has led to silent flames of distrust, cold romance, total paralyses of marital communication, feelings and attachment. The temptation to go outside and have sex starts creeping in.

    Some persons will say sex is not food. I agree. But, the truth is that marriage has various sources of oxygen it breathes from. For example: genuine love, trust, constant communication, finance and very constant supply pf sex.

    I did a little research for us men from google and these are some natural stuffs you can use to help yourself as a man.

    1. Eating of watermelon including the seeds and the green back as they are more nutritional.
    2. Dark chocolate: it is a bitter kind of chocolate because it is 80% cocoa
    3. Banana, milk, honey with groundnut
    4. Dr. Meyers’ Vitamin B complex
    5. Tiger nuts (ofioo) with dates
    6. Eating of cucumber constantly
    7. Wonder kola soaked in seaman’s snapps for at least 3 days. A sip in the morning is okay.

    Note: wonder kola is totally different from the local popular kolanut. It has very powerful components.

    • Apple cider vinegar which has “with the mother” inscription written on it.

    Women, you can also buy for your husbands

    Men, you must be disciplined. More veggies, less sugar.

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