The English Premier league is arguably the best league in the world, many will surely agree with me on this.

    The league is well known for its hard tackles, Big money spending clubs, talented home bred players, massive supporters home and abroad to mention a few.
    Unlike other leagues, the English premier league have six top clubs competing for the league trophy every league season.
    The 2018/2019 English premier league season is one to remember in a very long while. 
    Pep Guardiola led Manchester City and joghen Klopp led Liverpool side had to slug it out on the last day with just a point separating them. 
    Had Manchester City lost or drawn the last day match at Brighton and hoves, and Liverpool beating Wolverhampton wanderers at Anfield. Liverpool would have been eventual Champions of England. That’s how difficult and interesting the English premier league is. 

    Chelsea football club finishing third above Tottenham was something nobody would have predicted at the start of this year, but that is one of the trills of the best league in the world. 

    Arsenal finishing fifth and not making the Champions league spot is something we are gradually getting used to as they equally didn’t make it last year. All their hopes are now on winning the Europa which is slated for the 28th of May with Chelsea.

    Manchester United for sure are in a mess at the moment as the season didn’t end as they would have wanted it to end for them as they ended in the Europa spot. With high profile names in the likes of Paul Pogba, David Degae and co in their fold and still ending 6th on the table is a bitter pill for the fans to swallow which has already left a bitter taste in their mouth this season. Missing out on Champions League football next season will not only see them lose some key players this season but also they won’t be able to attract high profile players when the transfer window opens. 
    Manchester City did not only win the Premier League Title this season, but have also set a  record of defending the title. A record that has been standing for over a decade now.
    Tottenham Hotspur losing the third spot to Chelsea is something to ponder about as they have with no doubt established themselves as a real title contender, but the pressure of the Champions league eventually caught up with them which led to their drop in form in the premier league. But there is a lot to profit from that as they are in the Champions League final for the first time in the Clubs history.Congratulations to the King of England; MANCHESTER CITY FOOTBALL CLUB

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