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    The Devil and poor tithes made me steal a N1.2m SUV – 41 years old pastor

    A pastor at Jesus Miracle Church in Sango-Ota, Ogun State has been arrested for stealing N1.2 m SUV and blames the devil and poor tithes contributions from his congregation at 16, Ado-Odo Road, Afan for stealing a N1.2 million vehicle.

    The pastor, Jeremiah Ehindero said he stole the N1.2million Toyota Highlander Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) from a car dealer because the money he gets from his congregation tithes and offerings was not enough to pay off a N650,000 bank loan.

    Jeremiah Ehindaro who was arrested by the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad (FSARS) at Adeniyi Adele Road, Lagos Island, Lagos, said he sold off the SUV at Ore in Ondo State for N600,000.

    The Pastor said; “I decided to steal the SUV to sell and use the proceeds to settle the N650,000 I borrowed from a microfinance bank in Lagos.” “I borrowed the sum of N650,000 from a microfinance bank to renovate my church with the hope to recover the investment from tithes and offerings, but I was surprised that for three months, no money was realised to repay the loan.” “When the pressure from the microfinance bank became too unbearable for me, the devil told me to go and steal a vehicle from the car dealer to sell and use the proceeds to repay the loan. I regret my action,”

    According to the Ogun State Police Command, Ehindero’s allegedly accomplices have also been arrested and will be charged to court soon.

    The Ogun State Police Command, speaking on the incident said that Ehindero’s alleged accomplices

    Lateef Oyetunde who allegedly purchased the SUV from the pastor and Jamal Abiodun, 35 and Lukman Moyoyesa, who both allegedly introduced Ehindero to the buyer are currently in their custody.

    However, Oyetunde has denied that he never knew the car in question was a stolen item, he said he would not have purchased it if he had known.

    We gathered that Ehindero who introduced himself to the car dealer as a cleric had requested for a Toyota Highlander SUV to be used for evengelism.

    After a price of N1.2m has been agreed on by both parties for the SUV, the dealer allowed him to test drive the vehicle within the area but the pastor got into the car, zoomed off and never returned.

    According to the police, the pastor also switched off his phone, removed the SUV’s number plate marked ‘LND 816 CK’ and sped off to Ore, where he sold the vehicle for N600,000 to a spare parts dealer.

    The car dealer made a formal report to Kola Kamaldeen, the Depuy Commissioner of Police, (DCP) in charge of FSARS, Lagos, 24 hours after the incident.

    The vehicle was finally tracked down by the Police to Ondo State where it was recovered with the buyer and Ehindero’s alleged accomplices arrested at the scene.

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