Back then in secondary school, I was in the art class department. In our literature class, there is a figure of speech that was very common, I will just give an example and you can tell me the figure of speech in the comment section. ‘The boy is the father of the man’. It is very confusing at first but when it is explained, it begins to make sense. This same thing applies in our world. The children at a stage get the privilege of being parents to their parents. But, a lot of persons dodge that privilege. After the parents have invested all they have into training us, most of us run away when it is time for them to get their dividends, the reward of their labour. Let me give you an instance.

    Mr. Oreva lived on our street with his family. While growing up, my siblings and I used to be jealous of his children. We most times wish he was our father because of how he treats his children. He pampers them a lot, handles them like fragile glass cup or eggs, buys them lots of toys. Everyone on our street knew he does not joke with his children. Taking care of them was his upmost priority until years later he retired and developed partial stroke. By this time, all his children had becoming adults. Seeing that it was time to take care of their father, they abandoned him seeing him as a burden to them. One by one, a house filled with children became empty; leaving the old man with only his wife to take care of him. Mr. Oreva was home alone one day, his wife had gone to the market where she sells her goods and Mr. Oreva was eating starch and Owo soup left behind by his wife as lunch when he choked. Since there was no one around him to help him, it led to his death.

       After his death, instead of being sorrowful, the children were happy that the burden in form of their father was finally gone. Some of them did not see it necessary to attend his burial and those that managed to do so, have not visited his grave side ever since.

    My question is; is it good to cheat our parents out of their reward from training and nurturing their children as many had to sacrifice their comfort and happiness for the sake of their children? Many had to starve and do all sorts of menial jobs just to put smiles on the faces of their children.

    To the children now, if you find yourselves in such position as parents, would you be happy about it? How would you want your children to treat you??

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