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    Tears as Face Mask Kills Baby in Warri


    A social media user has taken to the platform to tell us how a face mask killed a baby in Warri, Delta State.

    Here is what was written;

    Please take note…

    “This is an urgent update please….
    Mothers should not wear their babies facemask…

    “A baby died in my area on Saturday as a result of this face mask
    The mother went to the market with her baby on her back, and wore the baby a face mask made from yansh pad.

    “The baby who was suffocating started shaking on the mother’s back. Instead of dropping the baby to find out what’s wrong with the child.. she just kept shaking the child

    “The child eventually stopped shaking😭😭

    ” It was a lady that now drew the mother’s attention that her child is sleeping with her eyes open, Only for the mother to check,.. the baby has already died….The baby is just a year old

    It happened at Jugbale market in warri Delta state.

    Please inform the mamas in other groups please

    Mummies plz take note this is a sad one 🙏🙏🙏🙏God will help us all and we shall not fall victims of unwanted circumstances in Jesus name.

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