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    Swarm of Bees follow a car for two days in an attempt to rescue their trapped Queen.


    One sure thing about bees is that they are amazing and crucial for the balance of plant life as they pollinate flowers and make honey. They are also one of the most devoted creatures in the world as their devotion is strong enough to make them willingly go after a car for two days to rescue their trapped Queen in the back of the car.

    Check out the video below to see what Carol Howarth’s Mitsubishi car looked like for two days.

    While she was doing some shopping, Carol Howarth parked her car in Haverfordwest, Wales. Not long after, a storm of 20,000 bees flooled the back of her car and were swarming around.

    A local passer-by, Tom Moses saw the swarm and got concerned about them being mishandled by people so he called beekeepers to handle them adequately.

    According to him, the view was spectacular. He was not the only one suprised as other people were slowing down with their cars and taking pictures.

    By the time the car owner came back, the beekeepers were already handling the situation.

    Afterwards, she went into her car and drove home.

    Suprisingly, some of the bees had followed Howarth home. After discovering it the next day, she called the beekeepers to find out what is happening again.

    According to Roger Burns from Pembrokeshipe Beekeepers, the queen bee was probably attracted by something sweet in the car and got trapped in the gap on the boot’s wiper blade or the hinge. So, the worker bees were trying to save her.

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