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    Single mum with 10 kids for different men gets paid N188k weekly by govt


    A single mother of 10 children for different men identified as Sonya who gets £400 (N188,936.48) from the government as support money has said she did not choose to have that many children because of the benefits that comes with having children.

    With £400 (N188,936.48) handouts from the government every week, the single mum mentioned that her top priorities are rent and food.

    According to her, whenever she was in a relationship, the first thought that comes to her mind was how beautiful the baby would be.

    In speaking with the media, she said even with the benefits she gets from the government, living life could be difficult.

    Sonya also said that whenever she got into a relationship with any of her partners, her first thought was always how beautiful the baby would be.

    “I was in a marriage where I thought we’d be together forever, but obviously we weren’t. I’m not having babies for benefits.

    “When I fell pregnant with any of them my first thought wasn’t ‘I’m going to claim some benefits.’ My first thought was ‘I’ve got a beautiful baby here’,” she said.

    The single mother said that being on the benefits is not only hard but that her kids deserve more than they have, adding that she would not allow their comfort to be dependent on taxpayers’ bills.

    In talking about what are priorities are, she said that once rent and food are sorted out, she saves the remainder of the handout for the rest of the week.

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