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    shocking!!! How billionaire Odunuke was killed by his assailants, stuffed inside a bag in Lagos forest


    The main suspect Daniel bob ibeaji who is at the heart of the gruesome murder gave his confession

    The killers of the Nigerian billionaire businessman, chief hyginus odunuke in Lagos as narrated was lured to his death for selfish reasons.

    They killed him, put his body in a bag dumped him in ogombo ajah lagos forest because of their greed

    The main suspect Mr bob ibeajii claimed he schooled in the UK in medicine and surgery, he also said he has carried other acts similar to this with some other people
    The three others who took part in the crime are: Arinze Igwe, 26; Solomon Cletus 30 and Israel Obigaremu, 35.

    They planned and carried out the killing at the Artican Beach Resort, Ajah, Lagos, on December 1, 2019.

    Paraded by the police, Ibeaji said the main intention for murdering Odunukwe, owner of Fireman generators, was because he had eyes on the businessman’s property in Abuja which was valued to be N900 million.

    Ibeaji said he actually met the victim in September 2019 at the nation’s capital (Abuja) and that it was through an advertisement announcing plans to sell the property.

    He then said he had a telephone contact with the deceased to and declared his interest. The two of them later agreed that he should come to Lagos to seal the deal.

    Narrating his crime further, Ibeaji said while the businessman was on his way to the venue of their meeting, he told one of his boys to bring a bag.

    The man arrived the venue with the documents, the documents were signed a the deal struck. Then Ibeaji said he asked the victim to follow him to a room in the hotel to get the money.

    when we got into the room and we have sat down inside the room, Ibeaji said he demanded for the documents, but the victim wanted his money first.

    His boy came in into the room with the bag of money and as the businessman tried to pick it up, Ibeaji said he struck the victim with an axe.

    This caused heavy injury to his head and he collapsed. He was then pulled to the toilet where he was given two doses of diazepam through injection and there we did all.

    “Lust for money made me do this,” he confessed.

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