A Ghanaian traditionalist who is yet to be identified has been captured in a trending video as he shows extreme power and professionalism in identifying the person who stole an item with just two brooms.

The video which has caused a great stir on social media was seen on the official Facebook handle of OMG voice.

In the video footage, there were a number of young men who lined up to be tested for an offence of theft to know which of them actually picked the item and did not want to disclose it.

The manner in which he was able to grab hold of the real culprit in the video was simply breathtaking.

With only two brooms, one in each hand, the man would try interlocking the brooms around the neck of the suspect and if they were not the thief, the brooms would not interlock.

The process was carried out on a good number of people who were found to be innocent of the crime but that was not the case for the last gentleman.

Immediately he took his turn, the brooms interlocked so strongly that they could actually pull him to the floor as can be seen in the footage.

See video below;

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