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    Rev. Father says the real witches and wizards are found in the Nigerian Government

    Reverend John Chinenye Oluoma, a clergyman, has spoken against every political officer holders, civil servants and others in power that have hindered the progress of citizens.

    According to him, these set of people are the real witches and wizards that citizens of the country should be wary of.

    Oluoma’s preaching has caused mixed reactions from members of the internet community

    In a video posted by a Twitter user identified as Ogwuche Andrew Thomas, the Clergyman was seen preaching to his congregation about the real witches and wizards they should be scared of.

    “The witches and wizard I’m talking about are in the presidency, National Assembly, Senate, government houses. They are civil servants, politicians, Hausas, Ibos, Yorubas. They are Catholics, Pentecostals, Protestants, Christians, Muslims, those are the people that kill more people in Nigeria,” the man of God said.

    Speaking further, Oluoma said that he does not think the other evil forces he talked about earlier on have claimed lives like the long list of people he rolled out.

    He cited examples of office holders, who do not execute projects such as road construction, even when funds have been allocated to them.

    According to him, if people die from bad roads, then such politicians are responsible for their death.

    In a different portion of the clip, the clergyman while speaking about another set of witches and wizards mentioned fake pastors.

    He said many of them are responsible for a lot of broken marriages and failed business simply because of their wrong teachings.

    Watch full video below;


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