Reno Omokri advises married men, says Side Chicks are ‘death partners’

    Popular Nigerian controversial writer, author and lawyer, Reno Omokri, has taken to social media to drop some words of advice for his fellow married men.

    In a post which he shared on his verified Instagram page, he urged men to learn to cherish their wives, bosses and investors more than side chicks. According to him, wives are life partners while bosses/investors fall under the category of business partners.

    However, for side chicks, Omokri described them as the death partners of many men.

    Explaining his submission, the author said a man’s wife and his boss will only add value to him while the side chick will only bring about destruction.

    According to Omokri, side chicks only feed a man’s weakness which makes them his enemy.

    Your side chick is your death partner, says Reno Omokri as he advises married men

    He said: “Both your wife and your boss/investor, add value to you. But your side chick will destroy you by feeding your weakness.

    Your worst enemy is the person that is feeding your weakness.” In a different portion of his post, the author noted submitted that side chicks use a man’s desire for intercourse against him by destroying his home.

    “That is how we catch rats with traps. We use their greed to entice them with bait. That is what your side chick does. She feeds your weakness for *** and uses it to destroy you and your home! Side chicks are EVIL!”

    See his full post below:

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