Home Entertainment Regina Daniel’s father exposes her real age through a recorded phone conversation

    Regina Daniel’s father exposes her real age through a recorded phone conversation


    Popular Nigerian teen actress, Regina Daniels has over the last three years celebrated her 16th birthday as she calls herself “forever 16”. Over the years, fans have continually argued over her real age but there will be no more need for that as her biological father has revealed her real age.

    Remember that yesterday, her father took to his Facebook page to publicly state his disapproval of Regina’s marriage to Ned Nwoko, saying that whatever is going on is without his knowledge and consent.

    He wrote

    Regina Daniel Ojeogwu is my biological daughter. What ever is ongoing is not to my knowledge and without my consent. The fact speaks for itself looking at the picture. Her mother Rita Daniel is threading on a dangerous path and I hope she will retrace her steps. Even the initiation ceremony into otu odu appears completely strange to Regina Daniel Ojeogwu. Regina is from ogwashi uku and not from olor as being rumored. All the opportunities for Mr Ned Nwoko to discuss with me proved abortive not realizing that we once lived in the same house in awoyokun street, onikpan, Lagos. The implication of all this is that she impregnated herself. The name Regina was my late mother’s name. I have tried to exercise restraint but Regina mother kept pushing me to wall. Am alive and not dead. If in doubt of this post call Barrister Jude Ojeogwu on 08033039058.

    It is evident that people have started calling the number her father provided in his Facebook post as a recorded phone conversation with him has gone viral.

    In the audio, her father revealed that she was born on the 10th of October, 2001 in Alakpere, Ketu, Lagos sate. Which means that she is actually 16 and will be turning 17 this October.

    He also said that the reason why Regina’s mother, Rita Daniels, has made herself the sole decision maker is because she is greedy and that her bride price was not paid as her paternal family could not be traced.

    He also mentioned that Ned Nwoko is actually 62 and not 59 as they both grew up as young boys in the same neighborhood.

    He said he spoke to Regina this morning and warned her about what she is getting into but she said its her mother’s decision and that Ned Nwoko is a fine gentleman and that she loves him.

    He also said that despite not paying Rita Daniel’s bride price, he has been financially responsible for his 4 kids with her and that the 2 boys were living with him until recently when their mother asked them to move in with her into her new house.

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