Home News Pastor sentenced to death by hanging for murder in Benin city.

    Pastor sentenced to death by hanging for murder in Benin city.


    A pastor and an house wife were sentenced to death by hanging by a Benin High court for the murder of a senior staff of Nigerian Petroleum Development Corporation, NPDC, an arm of Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC, Engineer Victor Gabriel Isonguyo. The woman, Ehiobong Isunguyo was the wife of the deceased while the second convict Pastor Udoka Ukachukwu was the head of the church. The court presided over by Hon. Justice Imadegbelo .

    Ehiobong had a big supermarket opened for her by her late husband. One day, she met a local pastor who walks about on the street praying for people and giving prophecies. He prayed for her and gave her prophecies, some of the prophecies came to pass, so she took him into confidence though the husband was not pleased with it. The woman and her husband had two kids already and were not planning on having any more. Along the time she fell in love with the pastor and they started having an affair behind the husband and she became four months pregnant for the pastor, the husband became suspicious since he knew he was not responsible for the pregnancy. during the course of the affair between the woman and the pastor, the woman transferred the sum of two million naira (#2,000,000) from she and her husband joint account to the pastor.

    Ehiobong seeing that the husband is becoming suspicious of her pregnancy, made plan with the pastor to murder her husband. Coincidentally, on the day the murder was to be carried out, her husband was complaining that he was sick and needed to go to the clinic. Before then, he had been newly promoted to a managerial level with an official car. The wife convinced her husband to go for check up by 6pm as she had made arrangement for his murder by that time. As he was driving to the clinic, he came across with the pastor who told him he was going to their house. The man gave him a ride as he would be going back home after checkup without being suspicious of the pastor.

    On their way to the clinic, the pastor brought out a screwdriver and stabbed the man on the neck. Being sick, he could not fight back and he was struggling with his life. The pastor seeing that the man was still alive after the stab, poured petrol on the car and set the car ablaze.

    On Monday morning, the man was absent from work, the CSO and some other staff went to his house and found his wife watching home video. They asked her about the where about of her husband and she said he had not come back from the clinic he went to some days back. They asked if she had made a report, she said no,

    The NPDC officials tracked the official car of the man, and it was found in Ekewhuan road instead of sapele road where the man resides. They went to the house in Ekewhuan road with some police men and did investigation and they discovered that the car was been held by the pastor. When the pastor was asked a question regarding the car, he claimed that it was a seed from one of his members. On searching the house, they found a screwdriver with dried blood stain, the keys to the burnt car and the pastor also had a fire burn in his hand and he was immediately arrested by the police men.

    After enough torture, he confessed the woman and the man that did the illegal change of car ownership. The case was charged to court. The woman gave birth in prison during court hearings.

    After enough hearing by the court, the perpetrators of the crime were found guilty of the crime. The woman and the pastor were sentenced to death and the man that did the illegal change of car ownership was sentenced to a year imprisonment and also fined hundred thousand naira (#100,000).

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