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    Nosy woman who was trying to spy on her neighbour ran out of luck as her head gets stuck in Metal Gates for 5 hours.

    A Nosy woman who was trying to spy on her neighbour gets unlucky as her head got stuck in her neighbour’s metal gate for 5 hours. Sometimes, it is best to mind your business

    The incident happened in La Virgina city, Columbia where the woman was reportedly trying to eavesdrop on her neighbour. She is believed to be looking for information to gossip about with her friends.

    Unfortunately for her, she decided to forcefully push her head in through the bars of her neighbour’s metal gate but she was unable to free herself from the strong grips of the metal bars when she wanted to.

    Her predicament caused a huge scene as firefighters had to be called in to rescue her from the grips of the metal bars.

    Although the men really tried hard to get the lady out of the embarrassing situation she put herself into, it took them five hours to finally pull her from the bars.

    It is unclear why it took that long to rescue the nosy woman from the grips of the metal bars. However, some people say it is because the firefighters had a hard time dealing with the situation as they were trying their best not to laugh at the lady’s hilarious situation.

    Naturally, the pictures of the nosy woman found it’s way to social media and people made it go viral.

    Some people believe Karma did a swift one on her for trying to spy on her neighbour while others said she is an example to those who love to eavesdrop on others and gossip about it.

    It is still unclear what actually happened to the nosy woman afterwards but it is believed that she was mostly unharmed. Hopefully, she has learnt her lesson and will not spy on her neighbours again for the sake of gossiping.

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