Nigerians has taken to social media to blast parents of little boy seen drinking beer in viral video


    A video which is circulating on the internet shows the moment an underage boy happily downed an alcoholic drink while in the presence his family and full view of adults at a party.

    The little boy was seen drinking a bottle of beer without any care as though he were an adult, and the grown ups present, cheered rather than prevent him from doing so or cautioning him.

    A social media user with the name Izanate who shared the video on Twitter lamented over the lack of child protective services in Nigeria.

    What the h*ll is this video. Dvmn we don’t have child protective services in this country for real.” he wrote.

    Watch video below:

    The footage received heavy criticism from social media users as they noted it was bad parenting to allow such behavior at his age.

    See reactions below.

    Exquisite mama; innocent looking little man enjoying his juice….. I’m sure he doesn’t know which is which…. I blame the adult that gave him that….

    Shola; When you are marrying, marry someone who’s intelligent and knows what is right. Marry someone you will be proud your kids can become. Not brainless someone with only show off attitudes, if not ,you will have problems.

    Martins; This is just wickedness. Failed parenting

    Tobi; Irresponsible parenting is what it is. It’s even sadder to see some justifying it talm bout “It’s just star radler ”

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