Nigeria youths are young people who are so eager to make it in life that they prefer to go through shortcuts and crimes to make it big. Today we see all manners of crime being perpetrated by our youth and this makes one wonder where they learn these things from because such crimes were not rampant in the days of our fathers. We hear of drugs, alcohol, suicides, rape, murder and the likes among our youths. These vices of course has destroyed the lives of many.

    With regards to drugs, daily, the number 9of Nigerian youths involved in drugs is increasingly alarming.

         We see youths involving themselves and being addicted most times to drugs like cannabis (weed), tramadol, cocaine, and the likes. Recent interview has shown that they take it for different reasons. Some take it due to peer pressure (wrong influence of friends), some take it for boldness to face difficult situation or to undertake a difficult and dangerous task, some take it because according to them, they function better with the drugs in their system while others take it for morale. In all, the abuse of these drugs is evidently seen.  A high level of alcohol consumption is done by our youths. As they can also consume alcohol in large volume not just in beers but in drinks called “gins and spirit”. Both locally made and imported.

    If an orientation can be carried out on the influence of drugs and alcohol on our youths, the rate of this abuse by our youths will be drastically reduced.

       The rate of suicide committed in our country Nigeria is done by a greater percentage of youths who feel they have nothing living for. Youths who are frustrated with life and feel they are better off dead. Some of our youths feel because things are not the way it ought to be, instead of struggling to make things right, or some who have even tried different times but failed just feel since they are not contributing meaningfully to the society, they are doing the society good by killing themselves.

    A creation of jobs will greatly reduce the rate of suicide among youths in Nigeria as youth will be too busy living their lives to think of such.

     Another reason for suicide among our youths is being blackmailed. Those who are being blackmailed fail to realize in time that those are blackmailing them will never be satisfied with whatever prize they are being payed to keep shut. They will keep being greedy and suck you dry. And when they realize that they think they are better off being dead than face the scandal that being exposed will bring them.

    A creation of bodies where youths can run to for help will reduce suicide caused by blackmails.

        Rape is caused by different factors. A factor could be that the men have gotten themselves high on drugs and alcohol and are not functioning in their right senses. Another reason could be that the girl that is raped has been insulting them or have offended them so they decided to perpetrate the act as a form of punishment. Girls walking alone late at night, in dark corners, wearing skimpy clothes could also attract rape.

    Although rape could be carried out by trusted friends and family friends and members, it is rampant among youths.

    This can be prevented by orientating youths both male and female alike on the etiquettes expected from them to make a society a better and proper one.

        Murder carried out in Nigeria by youths who are jobless and in need of an easy way to make cool cash. This is encouraged by people who contact these youths for such jobs. Most murders can be carried out under the umbrella of cultism, drugs and robbery.

       Until proper attention is paid to the youths of NIGERIA and the availability of responsible people they can pattern their lives after, Nigerian youths will remain the same.

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