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    Nigerian senators lament over N2m Christmas allowance


    Nigerian senators are reportedly very angry over the N2 million Christmas allowance given to them in December 2019 by the senate leadership.

    Some of the senators who reportedly spoke to Premium Times complained that the money was too small as it was not enough for them to meet their needs and that of their constituencies.

    The lawmakers said they would make their position known to the Senate leadership and they also threatened to cause “some headache” when plenary resumes if their concerns are not addressed.

    One of the senators was quoted to have said: “It was not enough to meet our Christmas needs.
    “In fact, some of us are already coming together to formally complain to our president.”

    Another senator, who also spoke under the condition of anonymity, expressed disappointment over the Christmas allowance saying the allowance which was allegedly meant to take care of their families and constituents was not enough.

    “They said we should use the money to take care of our families and constituents. I was just standing there without knowing what to say for many minutes,” he said.

    The lawmaker accused the Senate leadership under Ahmad Lawan of failing to understand the responsibilities senators face in their constituencies.

    He said: “There are many local government areas under my district. How do I tell them that I only came back home with N2 million?”
    “Even when I am travelling for an event or just to visit my constituency, I usually hold at least N50 million.”

    Another senator who spoke to the newspaper said efforts are already ongoing to meet with the Senate leadership to make their position known.

    Two former senators, who served in seventh and eighth assemblies, told Premium Times that the Christmas allowances they got were well over N2 million.

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