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    Nigerian Gay man shares his experience with SARS officers in Lagos after they read his chat with his boyfriend.

    An openly gay Nigerian man identified as @seanell on Twitter has taken to the platform to narrate his encounter with SARS officials in Yaba, Lagos, after they read through his chat conversation with his boyfriend.

    He wrote;

    So i dunno guys, maybe its my mom’s prayers working for me, my “if i perish, i perish” attitude or i am just lucky. After visiting a friend at Surulere, i hop on a bike from Ojuelegba to yaba, i mean i kinda noticed a military van behind us but i didn’t think they were after me.

    Immediately i got down from the bike at ozone, next thing I heard was “acceee stop there”, i turned and it was SARS. Took a deep breathe and i was like “Jesus take the wheel”, two of them walked up to me & started questioning me, i stayed calm & answered them politely

    But one of them in particular kept harassing me, like this dude pulled my shirt up from the back to check for tattoos. When he couldn’t find anything, he asked me to unlock my phone which i didn’t without hesitation. He went straight to my WhatsApp & saw texts with my boyfriend.

    Next thing baba said was “You don die, ogbeni this one na homo, oya enter the motor before I shoot you here”. As scary as that sounded, i wasn’t even moved, in my head i was like “na bullet we never take before”. Then i spoke up, i said “your law states if caught in the act abi?”

    “Oga you nor see me dey fuck man for road so I nor dey go anywhere”. I was expecting one kind hot slap but the other guy stepped in and said “abeg free the guy, many of us dey do this thing, you sef dey do like say you nor know say them full our base”.

    Ladies and gentlemen, gays & whores, that was how i walked away slowly into Ozone, screaming *blood of Jesus* in my head.

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