Home News Nigeria emerges as the 4th most corrupt country in West Africa

    Nigeria emerges as the 4th most corrupt country in West Africa


    Nigeria has been ranked as the fourth most corrupt country in West Africa according to AI report.

    This is contained in the 2019 corruption perception index published by Transparency International.

    The report showed that Nigeria is now ranked 146 out of the 180 countries

    Nigerians have condemned the current government for being corrupt like all other past governments.

    Here is a list of the countries below:

    • Benin: 80
    • Burkina Faso: 85
    • Cape Verde: 41
    • The Gambia: 96
    • Ghana: 80
    • Guinea: 130
    • Guinea-Bissau:168
    • Ivory Coast: 106
    • Liberia: 137
    • Mali: 130
    • Mauritania: 137
    • Niger: 120
    • Nigeria: 146
    • Senegal: 66
    • Sierra Leone: 119
    • Togo: 130
    • Chad: 162
    • Cameroon: 153
    • Equatorial Guinea: 173

    Meanwhile, Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the report by criticizing the current government for being corrupt just like all other past governments.

    Oladipo Ajayi said: “Well Nigerians know this government is haven for corrupt people but Lai will still say something different.”

    Onyema Henry Polygon said: “These are people who don’t get deceived with APC propaganda. They see and say things the exact way.”

    Olaniyan Lawale: “Ehmm, waiting for those hopeless APC/buhari regime almajiri and meyitti allah followers to start shouting the news is sponsored by PDP looters as usual.”

    Benny Odhomi: “The humongous fraud going in Nigeria political space is alien to Mr. Integrity. He keeps deluding himself and his minions with cooked up statistics.”

    Roya Simon: “There is nothing new here. The more we pretend that we are improving the less we improve.”

    Chidinma Okoronkwo: “I’m going to sue Transparency International! My country is governed by men and women of integrity and they are seriously fighting corruption.”

    Kelv Malik: “The worst thing that can happen to a country is to have a president who is not in control of his government but controlled by cabals.”

    Egu Arikpo: “APC is the worst thing to have ever happened to Nigeria. More painful is their claim to be righteous and upright. APC is like a compromised preacher who uses the holy book to deceive and play mind game with his adherents.”

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