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    More information on the man who died after having sex as a result of sex enhancement drugs


    The remains of the man who died in a hotel room after using sex enhancement drugs has been laid to rest.

    After the viral video was leaked, more information was gathered about the man.

    According to information gathered, the man is a 60 years old Lawyer and also a Knight in his church.

    He is also classified to be wealthy as he has a mansion that screams wealth.

    The incident actually happened n December 2019 and the video was alleged to have been leaked by some detectives in a bid to pressure the family and authorities to leave the innocent sex hawker girl as they have been threatening to jail her for murder as a cover to the man’s actual cause of death.

    There is no element of murder or homicide here. The man obviously died of cardiac arrest by virtue of those sex enhancement drugs he has been taking.

    Having marathon sex at that age is risky for his health.

    The girl obviously has no case to warrant her conviction and sentence.

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