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    Men who help with household chores have higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coupled with an healthy body and lifestyle, says expert

    If you are a male and you have been helping your partner with the household chores, I’ve got real good news for you.

    Men who put equal or more effort into doing household chores are more likely to have higher Emotional Intelligence (also called Emotional Quotient EQ) and are happier than men who do not do or share the household chores fairly with their partner.

    According to Dr. Huang Wei Li from Taiwan, men who do household chores generally enjoy three benefits — higher EQ, a healthier body and a healthy lifestyle.

    The benefits can be see through their efficiency in completing tasks. As they come home from work and continue helping with the household chores, this means that they are great at allocating time for different tasks and completing them.

    Moreover, as they do not mind sharing the household chores with their partner, these men prove that they are emotionally intelligent as they know how to relieve their stress and avoid using emotions when it comes to dealing with anything.

    They are also more understanding towards their partner and family which will be useful to them in the long term as it helps build a long-lasting and happy relationship.

    Dr. Huang Wei Li also added men who share the household chores fairly have a healthier lifestyle as they will prefer to spend more time at home rather than outside. 

    “Washing clothes, mopping floors, doing the dishes, these are all forms of exercises and they are great to be done especially after dinner,” he said.

    “Don’t just sit on the sofa and watch television. After sitting in your office for a long time, it is best to move around by doing the household chores which will reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.”

    Dr. Huang Wei Li also mentioned that it was a common practice among the gentlemen to engage in any activities like playing billiards or dancing after a meal.

    “As now people have less time to do this kind of activities, household chores are some of the best alternatives to keep you active at home,” he concluded.

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