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    Managing stress, causes and symtoms


    Stress can be simply describe as an emotional pressure acting on human body. Stress is as a result of fatigue which means an Extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness. Long term physical exhaustion can also lead to mental fatigue.

    *WHY MANAGE FATIGUE*Fatigue can significantly affect an individual capacity to function, its side effects include:

    decreased performance and productivity, and increased potential for error of judgment and injuries to occur.

    *CAUSES OF FATIGUE*> Lack of sleep> Excess physical activities> Lack of physical activities>Unhealthy eating habit> Excessive consumption of alcohol>Improper stress management> Working on empty stomach>Dehydration>Some side effects of medications.

    *SYMPTOMS OF FATIGUE*> Chronic tiredness or sleepiness> Dizziness> Sore or aching muscles> Slow reflexes and response> Impaired decision making> Moodiness such as irritability anxiety stress yawning.

    *MANAGING FATIGUE*> Get enough sleep (+8 hours)> Relax by engaging in sport> Avoid energy drinks e.g. red bull> Get break when on repetitive tasks> Seek counseling> Avoid high risk activity if not totally fit> Drink plenty of water> Get out and get some sun light> Meditate for emotional balance> Take a nap> Take a cold shower to refresh yourself> Listen to your body.

     As students understanding the principle behind stress management is very important to enable us perform well in school. where we have so much to do. A mastery of these principles will help us later in future when we become professionals too.

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