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    Man who shot a Nigerian to death for urinating on his block has been sentenced to life imprisonment

    A 26 years old U.S gangster identified as Christopher Poole has been sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting a 27 years old Nigerian man identified as Rasheed “O.J.” Olabode just fro urinating in his street. He shot him in the heart while the victim begged for mercy.

    Surveillance footage shows the deceased, Rasheed “O.J.” Olabode begging the gangster, Christopher Poole not to shoot him on April 26,2018 but he pulled the trigger and killed him.

    The incident occurred around 10:45 a.m. when Olabode, a photographer and recent Nigerian immigrant, was out running errands with two of his friends.

    Olabode needed a restroom, so he jumped out of the car on the 700 block of South 20th Street and began urinating behind the vehicle.

    Poole, who lives on the block, apparently incensed at the sight of the victim urinating, walked into his house across the street and retrieved a gun. He walked over to him with the gun and shot him in the chest, while he begged for his life and his friends watched from the car a short distance away.

    When Poole walked away, Olabode ran to the car, where his friends flagged down a police officer and called an ambulance.

    He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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