Home Gossip Man who makes money by sleeping in luxury hotels open up

    Man who makes money by sleeping in luxury hotels open up

    A 35 years old man identified as Alex Shannon has become the world’s first ‘sleep influencer’ as he has turned his laziness into money with an innovative idea.

    Shannon travels to different hotels around the world and shares his experiences.

    This London influencer has destroyed the expression: “Money never sleeps” as he makes his money by sleeping.

    He flies around the world to sleep in beautiful luxury hotels rooms and posts them on social media.

    He is also known on Instagram as @FollowTheNap and has gained a significant number of followers online.

    Speaking to Insider, Shannon said the idea for Follow the Nap came to him in a dream.

    According to the influencer, he dreams a lot and keeps a notebook beside his bed to record all the dreams.

    He said: “One morning I woke up and I had written ‘Follow the Nap Instagram, sleep and travel’ and I was kind of like ‘Oh, that’s an interesting idea.”

    He has stayed in stunning hotels in America, Dubai and Paris, to name a few places. He has visited many other stunning destinations and has no plans to stop anytime soon. He still wants to explore Tokyo, Greece and Australia.

    Shannon however revealed that the influencer’s lifestyle is not as glamorous as it looks as the process of capturing the perfect picture can often be grueling.

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