Man involved in an auto crash to sue doctor for saving his life through blood transfusion which is against his faith

    An unidentified man has threatened to sue a doctor that saved his life by carrying out blood transfusion on him without his consent.

    The man was reportedly involved in an auto crash which almost took his life but the quick thinking of the doctor handling him saved his life as the doctor was able to quickly carry out a blood transfusion on him.

    However, after he regained consciousness and was updated on what had happened, he threatened the doctor with a lawsuit for giving him blood which is against his faith.

    This story was shared on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, by a user with the handle, @Goddess_greyc. She wrote;

    “So this guy had an accident, almost lost his life, rushed to the hospital and was given some blood. He regained consciousness and became better. Now he wants to sue the doctor for giving him blood while he was unconscious, on the grounds that it’s against his faith.”

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