Lionel Messi once again proves he his still the best


    Messi prove once more to be the goat has he has be popularly called in match that look like Liverpool has gotten it by the pressure they put on Barcelona, but individual brilliance  saw barca got the 3 goals, Messi was so instrumental in the build up of the game that saw Barcelona got an home victory today. Lionel Messi scored twice to bring up 600 club goals as Barcelona beat Liverpool 3-0 It was like Liverpool was going to win the game has they look the better side of the night as they ware very mobile and run fast and good with the ball at camp nou

    Luis Suarez  put barca ahead with a cross from Jordi Alba at the 26th minute of the game into the first half, and the game was still very well control by the English side Liverpool, Salah did very well to trouble the Barcelona defends. But let not take it away from Messi has he showed once a again why he his still a world best football.  Messi executed a stunning free kick from 30 yards out to leave Liverpool with a mountain to climb going into next week’s second leg at Anfield.

    Messi has almost set the road to Madrid very easy for his team has they had a 3 goal advantage going on to the next round this will be the first final in four years for the Barcelona team and will Messi be able to bring back  this Champions League trophy back to Camp Nou?

    Barca appeared second best though with the 3 goal advantage all credit to their main man Messi and the Liverpool fans will still give credit to their players because it was not an easy game for Barcelona though with the 3 goals to their advantage.

    After the game Messi took to his Facebook page to say He his happy with the result of tonight. But we still have to go to Anfield, a very difficult court, where Liverpool who are a equipazo will have a lot of fun. The most important moment of the season is coming and we have to be more together and united than ever. And he took the opportunity to send a hug to Iker Casillas and wish him quick recovery very soon.

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