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    Lady narrates what happened to her friend after he dumped his girlfriend of 3 years to marry a virgin

    A Nigerian lady identified with the twitter handle @_oroboghene came up on Twitter to share what happened to her friend after he dumped his girlfriend of 3 years to get married to a virgin and ‘virtuous’ woman he dated for only 6 months.

    According to her, his pastor advised him to do so saying that his relationship with his ex was making him to live in sin since they were cohabiting at the time.

    However, few months into his marriage with the virgin and ‘virtuous’ woman, he is opting for a divorce after he had been thrown out of his house by his wife whom he claims can’t cook, is too lazy to do house chores and engages in ceaseless verbal abuse and nagging.

    She wrote;

    So one of my older friends left his 3-year live-in girlfriend to marry a virgin and “virtuous babe” he dated for only six months… I’m here to tell you that we just found out Bro Moses has been sleeping in an hotel for the past six weeks, coz his virtuous wife threw him out So here’s the story… Apparently, Moses (not real name for obvious reasons), has been dating sisi iyawo ile for three years. She moved in after their second year because they were going strong na. Next move abi? Marriage was very much in the picture and all… So she was comfortably playing wife. Cooking. Sex. Bills. Gbogbo e. All that was left was marriage certificate. Of course, Moses’ family knew her. His friends too and vice versa. Even in my mind… “nothing fit spoil this relationship.” Everyone believed they were solid. Moses and I stopped being so close. We both got busy with lives but no bad blood. I assumed their relationship was going smoothly o. Only for me to hear that Moses was now engaged. In my mind, “Ahhh… finally. Iyawo ile will soon become Iyawo ni tooto.” Abi? Only for me to see pictures and it wasn’t Iyawo ile I was seeing o. I was seeing Iyawo tuntun… Argh. I quickly reached out to my sister. I like amebo, I know. You too…. “Sister mi, are you not seeing what I’m seeing?” She said she was seeing it o. She was still chummy with Moses, so I thought she’d know something… That was how she told me that Moses told her that when he was ready to propose to Iyale, his mother proposed that he saw a pastor so that he would pray about it. As you might have guessed, Pastor told Moses that the woman he wants to marry is bad for him as she has been causing him to “live in sin”. In his words, any woman that lets you have “carnal knowledge” of her to the point of living with you can never make a good wife. Bro Moses was advised to shirk off his sinful ways, put Iyale away and find a good Christian sister. It was hard but… God’s will na. Abi? Moses sha sent Iyale away and started going to church wella. He wasn’t getting any younger and he desperately needed a wife. As God would have it, in his infinite mercy, tanran… Iyawo tuntun entered picture… It was love at first sight and she was the perfect sister in the Lord. When he got to find out that she was a virgin.. ah… sign Iyaf complete. Sister never visited Moses. They didn’t even hug or kiss throughout the period of courtship and they never met alone. She wouldn’t allow it. What remain? Moses thought he had found wife o. Pa pa pa, introduction. Pa pa pa pa, marriage. Everything set. Only for two months later, virtuous wife became nagging, insecure wife.. God forgive me for finding this funny…. Anyway, news reaching me now is that sister in the Lord cannot cook. She’s too lazy to do house chores and well, she does not have “good words” in her mouth. Not that it’s her duty to do house chores, but Brother Moses enjoyed all these with Iyale na. He was expectant. After several occasions of verbal abuse and ceaseless nagging, Moses decided to move to the proverbial “roof”. Everything is the same. He still eats out and all. The only difference is that now he has peace of mind and he’s considering having that for life. He wants a divorce. And he suddenly calling up Iyale about how much he “misses” her… He wants to go back to his “non-wife material” He’s tired of his woman of virtue o Because you guys have been asking for update, I’ve asked my sis to reach out to Iyale. They aren’t friends but they’re cool… We hope she’d open up. We don’t trust Moses to not give us diluted info. I’ll keep y’all posted…

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