Lady goes on a rant because a man refused to shake her hand


    Twitter user, @Queen_Minic, recently shook an already shaking table after she went on a berserk about a man waving to her and shaking the hands of her male companions.

    From her own point of view, it is the zenith of being disrespectful as he clearly did not shake her hand because she is a woman.

    She wrote: “So I was in the company of 4guys today , a friend of theirs walked in , “handshake” them and waved at me. This to me is the height of being disrespectful and stupid. If you cannot handshake me all because i am a woman , then don’t bother doing so to your fellow gender. Handshakes ain’t masculine and not all girl declines a harmless handshake.”

    “Men see handshaking as a formal way of greeting even to total strangers. Why then do y’all play the “not shaking a stranger “ card whenever it has to do with a lady? What exactly is the problem?I sincerely want to know. I have gotten my heart broken countless times , maturity demand I don’t judge my past with my present. I will never capitalize on my past relationships to punish my present.”

    “That you have been snubbed by girls in the past doesn’t in anyway make it right to walk in the gathering of people , handshake just a particular gender and leave the other. While majority of ladies see it as nothing , there are few of us that find it totally disrespectful. Handshakes are formal way of greeting regardless of the gender.”

    The posts gathered a lot of comments as people tried defending the guy.

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