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    Justice for Chima- Nigerians protest after mechanic that was illegally arrested died in police custody


    A man identified as Comrade Phils on Thursday, January 16, took to his Facebook wall to narrate how a mechanic was wrongly arrested by the Police in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

    According to the Comrade, a man dropped his car for his mechanic to fix. The car owner narrated that the mechanic with some of his workers took the car out to test drive and were arrested by the police.

    The car owner said he only found out when he went to check on the mechanic at the shop and someone told him that his mechanic, Chima Ikwunado, was arrested by the police.

    The mechanic reportedly died in police custody after they accused him of stealing a car.

    Nigerians have called for justice over the death of a mechanic who died in police custody.

    The car owner explained that he went to the police station and found his car there, he asked about his car but the police officer pointed a gun at him and he had to immediately leave the station.

    On getting home, he was visited by Chima’s brother who explained that his brother had been in the station for a while.

    They continued to investigate and involved a lawyer in the case only to find out that Chima was dead on Thursday, January 2nd.

    Chima and his 4 workers were tortured by the police which led to his death and it was also discovered that the police turned the robbery case into a cultism case.

    Chima had just gotten married some months ago and his wife is pregnant.

    Nigerians have called for Justice for Chima and are against the police whose duty is to protect its citizens.

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