Home News It will take a miracle for Coronavirus to disappear – Pastor Adeboye

    It will take a miracle for Coronavirus to disappear – Pastor Adeboye


    The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye had on Sunday, May 24, revealed to Nigerians what God told him about the coronavirus pandemic.

    According to The Nation, Adeboye said that it was revealed to him that all children of God throughout the world will be protected from the calamity that comes with the virus.

    The respected man of God said that the global pandemic will only subside with time and true believers will come out of this problem unhurt.

    He specifically made it clear that “It is only a miracle that would cause the pandemic to disappear completely.

    “God has told me that his children who worship him in truth would be exempted from calamity associated with the pandemic.”

    Adeboye said only those “whose time has come” will die of the coronavirus disease.

    The renowned who addressed his congregants via a live broadcast on a topic, ‘Peace, be still’, said only those whose time had come would lose their lives to the current plague.

    “There is no reason to fear, only those whose time has come will go (die),” the former lecturer said. Also, if He is in your boat, your boat can never sink. But if He is not in your boat, who can you call upon when trouble comes?

    “It is only in the family of God that there is security when trouble comes,” the RCCG overseer was quoted to have said. “I am also on a compulsory holiday. I was supposed to be in four nations this April for ministers’ conferences and Holy Ghost services but now I cannot go. “All I do now is wake up in the morning, eat a good meal and enjoy the day. Is that not a good thing,” Adeboye said.

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