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    Is Nigeria under a curse ?


    The situation of Nigeria

       Nigeria as a great nation is still classified as an under developed nations despite the fact it has been more than fifty years since she gained independence from her colonial masters and she has nothing good to show for it while her counterparts that gained their independence the same time or after, have better things to show. Before she gained her independence, her citizens were eager to rule themselves and be free from the oppression of colonial masters.

    Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Asia and the likes who got their independence around the same time with Nigeria have evidently more progress than Nigeria has. To some, Nigeria is a stagnant country and there is no strong point to argue that fact.

    20 years ago, Malaysians came to Nifo, Benin city, Nigeria to come and pluck oil palm seedlings because they do not have in their country. Today, they are they are the greatest oil producers in the world. Surprisingly, 2 years ago, Nigeria invited a professor in oil palm seedlings to come to their aid.

      Recently, Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world who base in America, came out publicly to sham Nigeria and its leaders in an interview with CNN after investing billions into the Nigerian economy. According to him, in his recent visit to Nigeria, He said that the Government must invest properly in Education and health in the Country for the wellbeing of the young Nigeria and his citizens. And he said while it may be easy to be polite, it’s more important to face the fact Nigeria Government can make progress, and while in was in Nigeria the philanthropist told a room of Nigeria government officials and elite include the president. Gates said he spoke out to implore Nigerians to focus on human capital and its large youth population.

    The current quality and quantity of investment in this younger generation in health and education is not just good enough. So I was so direct, He told CNN

    The philanthropist had at a special session of the National Economic Council, on Thursday, said Nigeria would do better with strong investments in health and education, rather than concentrate on physical infrastructure to the detriment of human capital development.

    He had said, “Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth, with the fourth worst maternal mortality rate in the world ahead of only Sierra Leone, Central African Republic and Chad. One in three Nigerian children is chronically malnourished.

    “In upper middle-income countries, the average life expectancy is 75 years. In lower middle-income countries, it’s 68; in low-income countries, it’s 62. In Nigeria, it is lower still, just 53 years.

     We have a government who claim to be fighting corruption and then no account can be given for use of the money.

    My question now is with all the money recovered from corrupt leaders why are they not put to use to help improve the well being of every Nigerians. And when will stealing of public fund be put to an end in this country. With greed for power and money Nigeria has a long way to go

    Nigerian youths are always running to countries like Malaysia, China, Europe and the likes in search of greener pasture. Whereas Nigeria has more than enough to offer them if only we will get leaders who are not after their pockets only but also after the well being of the people.

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