Just two Saturdays ago i was scheduled to be off from work and planned dedicating the whole day for rest and sleep but exactly @10:00am I got a call from a close friend requesting that I accompany her for a burial event.
    Ahhh!!!! Burial???? Don’t think I can make it dear…this was my response to her but she insisted just like I would also do if I was in her shoes. 

    Immediately after the call I began to speak to my self in exactly these words… “Tracy always invited me for weddings, birthdays and other joyous occasions but why burial this time? Also to add that it makes no much sense to me attending a funeral of someone you don’t even know. After the many thoughts I later resulted to joining her for the event which I also saw as an opportunity to be with her again after a while. Few hours later we met and went together for the burial and behold I was amazed to see that I know the deceased very well in person but unknown to me he was no more. I quickly 

    flashed back to memories,really had many encounter with him, could remember my first meeting with him which was when he came to the church to solicit her help explaining further that his health can no longer permit him to work, the children have all abandoned him for the wife alone who manage to cater for his needs but that presently her little business yields little or no profit which has left both of them in pains,hardship and penury. Yes I was shocked to know this same man I know was no more but my greatest surprise was to see a man who before his death was never given any attention but upon his death is now being celebrated with pomp and pageantry by the so called children who abandoned him while he was alive. What a shame!!!

    It’s really quite painful seeing people lavish money on burial whereas if one tenth of such money was spent to take care of the deceased,he wouldn’t have died.The big question is…Why spend extravagantly to bury ur beloved ones when they died in adjective poverty? Who are we impressing? It is important to note that just as it is obligatory for parents to cater for their children as they grow up,it is a reversible reaction which entails that it is also an obligation for children to cater for the needs of their parents at their old age particularly from the very moment when we start taking responsibilities for ourselves. Meanwhile i am not in anyway trying to say it is not good to have a befitting burial for our parents,yes it is good but we should also never ignore them when they are alive.let us value life before death,Remember your presence/active participation during their funerals won’t add any value to them,parents only appreciate the love and care we give to them when they are alive and never when they are dead.Therefore burial expenses should be minimal and more emphasis should be on caring for the living cos it is to me GROSS FOOLISHNESS to care more for the DEAD than the LIVING. 

    On a final note as children let us show love and care for our parents while they are still very much alive,remember this is the first commandment with a promise Exodus 20:12,Ephesians 6 vs1-3
    For a quick understanding my message here is short,clear and simple and it is “GIVE YOUR PARENTS A BEFITTING LIFE RATHER THAN A BEFITTING BURIAL
    God bless you

    Writing By . Tessy

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