Innocent lady loses her life, baby endangered and others injured in a car chase between the police and a suspected yahoo boy

    A young lady identified as Grace Obajay lost her life in an auto crash that occurred along Airport Road, Benin City, Edo State, on the 21st of August, 2020, at about 12:30pm while her one-year and five months old baby is in a critical condition at a private hospital.

    According to, the lady who would have been celebrating her two years marriage anniversary in two months, had ordered a Uber last Friday, after the close of work and had occupied the back seat with her baby.

    Barely had the Uber driver identified as Precious John, begun the journey, that a green Toyota Camry 2012 model on high speed, hit them from the driver’s side. The baby was flung out of the vehicle to the other side of the road due to the impact.

    The said Toyota Camry was being chased by the police as they perceived him to be a suspected yahoo guy and wanted to get money from him.
    In his bid to escape from the police, he ran into the Uber car which was just entering airport road from Saint Paul church road.

    The policemen never made an attempt to save them. Rather, they abandoned them to their fate.

    The Uber driver and yahoo boy suspect also sustained severe injuries and are currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

    A Reverend father rushed the baby to Saint Philomena hospital for immediate attention, while the Uber driver and lady were rushed to Faith Mediplex hospital for immediate medical attention.

    The lady was in a coma as a result of brain damage from the day of the accident till on Tuesday, the day she died.
    According to reports reaching us, she will be buried on Saturday.

    Surgery has been carried out on the baby and the doctors are hoping for the best.

    The yahoo boy suspect was rushed to the police clinic for treatment.
    The deceased’s husband, Frank Obajay, lamented that the incident had shattered him beyond expression.

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