it is very important to take care of yourself especially your mouth. Having good and fresh breathe is a rare occurrence but is highly appreciated especially by the person you are talking to or with.

    Have you ever met some persons who dress highly and on point. I mean there is no flaw in their dressing but when they open their mouth to talk to you. My God!!! It is by His grace that their mouth odour does not knock you off balance. 

    I have a sister who is very meticulous in taking care of her mouth. I mean her teeth, tongue and breathe inclusive. As a matter of fact she has a little mirror to check her teeth while brushing and also from time to time breathes into her hand to know her level of mouth heat and if she is starting to have not so pleasant smell. She uses lots of  ingredients while brushing including charcoal to get her desired result. I must confess she has one of the best teeth I have ever come across.

    She subconsciously imbibed this teeth maintenance culture into me. She notices people’s teeth and mouth breathe. If you are close to her, she will humbly and politely tell you about it and give you some ingredients and recommend products that will help your cause too.  (Smile). 

    Folks, as adults, it is an insult for you to be talking and your mouth is smelling. In fact, no one should notice those brownish or milk substance (mukor) on top  or underneath your teeth. 
    Even if you can’t afford a dentist, there are local ways of getting your teeth white and attractive. 

    Also if you have been quiet for a long time before you start talking to people smell your breathe. ( Help us sir/ma). I understand some persons have natural brown teeth, do well to keep it clean.

    Please know that I love you and want you to appear the best always. Even as we are busy with our daily lives, let’s do well to take care of ourselves.

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