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    Funny! Nigerians Share Shocking Stories of How Juju Was Used in the Court for Legal Battles


    Nigerians have shared stories of different situations in which charm also known as ‘juju’ was used to strike plaintiffs and lawyers over court cases.

    A lawyer identified as Segun Oladejo took to Twitter to call out fellow legal colleagues, asking them to narrate thei past experiences with juju.

    He started the tale thread with his own story as he wrote via @segunoladejo ; “Lawyers, can we share experience of Juju been used against us, our clients or our witnesses. I’ve experienced and heard bad things in this profession. Thank God for Life”

    He shared an experience as written below;

    “There was a medical negligence case I was handling for one Telco company and everyday I had the case I always purge, serious purging o. I had prayer point for that case alone

    “I and my friend prepared a Will for a woman over just a 8 rooms face me and face you. After the woman’s death, all the beneficiaries started dying one after the other. As they’ve not paid the balance of our legal fee my friend said he is not collecting money again as e no wan die”

    Read other stories below:

    @Allezamani wrote; “People would think all these are fallacious stories, until they witness it first hand. I was once in a court whereby the lawyer’s case was called out, and the Lawyer became deaf all of a sudden, but whenever he comes out of the court room, everything goes back to normal.”

    @_olasoji wrote; “Bro so there was dis chieftaincy matter i accompanied my principal to bk then,he called my name 3* & begged me not to shake anyone’s hand once we get to d tribunal.Of course handshakes were offered but i didn’t engage,unfortunately other counsels didn’t get d hint,a freaky day! …few other counsels there who were “unfortunate” couldn’t write,I mean u’ve to write worthy proceedings,right hands were numb,effective AC turned to heater,securities and few others had to help dem out, adjournment was only granted on oda basis,never bn dat scared all my life!”

    @von_Bismack wrote; “Lol, there was this land matter at FHC minna, being handled by one lawyer cum pastor. On this particular day,we were in d same I was in court. He spoke fine b4 sitting started. When his case was called, he immediately developed serious whooping cough that he couldn’t even utter.. A word.

    The cough exacerbated until his matter was stood down. He went outside, recollected and came back in. His matter was called again and the cough started again until the judge adjourned the matter. As I was leaving, this man that av been coughing was speaking fine again…”

    @its_emyce wrote; “Our client once had a case against a popular family in Ajah who are very notorious land grabbers..We were adviced by lawyers and people to forget that case but our clients refused to heed to any warning..Money has been lost;well the date for first hearing,she died.. A relative took over the matter and immediately suffered similar ailment that took our client’s life…That’s how the matter was discontinued by their family…Nobody go see burial ground, enter am”

    @Agbejoro_ wrote; “Lol. My stories plenty. Let me share the funniest. One time I was handling a case wherin the Oba of Mushin sued my client for possession of property. I just noticed that any time I was attending that case I would have very severe headache that miraculously went away..

    “Once we’re done with the matter. It didn’t make any sense to me until one day I was just looking around and I noticed the Prince starring intensely at me… Omo the man smiled evilly and I knew it was time to go to church. My papa na Olusho na.

    “The next time the matter came up I was ready for bros. He looked at me, me self looked at him and smiled. After the court session, he came smiled at me and nodded his head, Weldon. Me self smile back say you try.

    Or the one we were doing at Epe, wey defendant came early to court dressed in her IYALODE atire then went to sit on the Judge’s chair. Nothing we said on the case made sense to the Judge. Lmaooooo. That Epe eh.

    “We had a land matter at Ibeju Lekki, Origanrigan village. Family feud that really degenerated into the use of Ajagungbales. We had to file a case of Fundamental rights enforcement proceedings against the use of secret police and threat to life before Justice Harrison.

    “Pleadings were exchanged back and forth, on the day of hearing of the application. My clients were in court and some of their other siblings were on their way. The other party was also in court already fuming. It was 12pm on the dot that they received a phone call.

    “That the siblings they were waiting for were involved in a ghastly motor accident and that one has even died on the spot. Omo cold catch me. My clients in court had to rush to the hospital to battle to save the lives of the other three. When the court called our case. “I told the Judge in my opening statement.

    “This is a case of threat to life, and we are already seeing the manifestation, milord there’s a Yoruba saying that a witch cried yester night and a child died today, who doesn’t know that it is the witch that cried that killed the child.

    See eh for this job, eyes have seen make God just dey protect us. You know how many Lawyers have crossed to the great beyond because of case?.”

    @april18th_homes wrote; “Someone claimed my fathers land so they went to court. When it was my dads turn to answer questions, he went mute. He couldn’t answer questions Grinning face with smiling eyes. His lawyer had to slap him before he regained himself. He testified against himself and lost the land.

    It’s funny. The thing is land dispute has a better way of settling it. The man he bought the land from invited the gods to judged it. The man who claimed the land and some of his family members died on that land. Right now nobody is using it”

    @solomonapenja wrote; “Client asks I fortify myself for her case. Her opponent had taken my name to a marabout I meet opponent in court and I asked if he wanted my mother’s maiden name to make his marabout’s jazz more efficacious. He smiled and said “you this Igala man.”

    @ovoFlamingohot3 wrote; “A criminal matter I met halfway in court in 2014 whilst the accused person was been discharged because all the prosecution witnesses died mysteriously within a 2 year time frame including the investigating police officer.”

    @Sir_Charles_E wrote; “On one criminal matter, the witness testifying was dictating for a paper, my boss then called the attention of the Judge to it…… They searched everywhere no paper Face with tears of joy the judge was so furious with my boss.

    You have to be strong as a Lawyer”

    @Babadudu1 wrote; “1. Some years ago in Port Harcourt while waiting to do my matter, I witnessed a land matter (Ikwerre people) where a witness vomited close to 2 litres of blood just before he was due to enter the witness box. The judge kept fidgeting in her seat Rolling on the floor laughing

    “2. Some weeks later in the same matter, we learnt that the witness who puked blood had died so his brother came to testify. He was barely able to walk to the witness box. When he got there he totally lost his voice. Parties in the matter kept darting furtive glances at each other

    “3. When I was still practising in Ibadan, a strange bird once flew into late Justice Oyelaran’s Court during a chieftaincy matter. My Lord scampered into her chambers before we could blink. When she came out she warned parties in the matter not to jeopardize the case

    “4. The current Attorney-General of Ondo once told us a story of how litigants once tried to plant juju in his car at High Court, Oyo. Fortunately, a Court official he always tipped, tipped him off. He then went to prostrate before the perpetrators.

    “5. One of the perps (an elderly man) asked him to rise and offered to shake his hand. The AG refused, saying he dare not shake an elder’s hand. The Baba then smiled and confessed that they were actually after his then Principal, Afe Babalola, SAN.

    “6. The perps told him to his face that they wanted him to be “vicariously liable” since Afe Babalola was not in Court that day.

    “7. There was also a time in 2013 when I was still with the former Attorney-General of Oyo. We travelled to Ejigbo in Osun State for a matter. On our way back to Ibadan my colleague and my Principal both fell asleep. I sat beside the driver in front, fiddling with my phone.

    “8. When I looked up the car had veered off the road and we were headed for the evil forest. I glanced at the driver & he was fast asleep! Oro buruku! I quickly grabbed the wheel & steered us back to the road. That was when everyone in the Honda Accord “Evil Spirit” woke up.

    “9. My Principal would later commend me for the “heroic” act and confess that the incident was quite strange.”

    @adewalefajana wrote; “Hah!!! Mine happened in Maiduguri during service year.

    “Kanuri man came to hit me with juju inside my office after I tore his case to shreds in court under crossXms. Horn dressed in cowry and in red clothe fell to the floor oh!

    “If you see speaking in tongues ehnFireFireFire I represented an Air Vice Marshall against this family, land matter.

    “I was blowing grammar in court. As per Yoruba lawyer, forming Danny Crane. My boss first apologized and later teased me on “induction as a true lawyer”

    “Judgement was given in my client’s favor sha after NYSC”

    @SpecialPearl1 wrote; “Oh God! A guy wanted to jazz a Magistrate. The Magistrate insisted that he should wash his head with water inside a bowl. The water turned black, he was forced to drink the water.”

    @callmeMrRaj wrote; “I did a matter at the court 2 Oyo. One of d trial days, I left my hotel early and got to court as early as 7:30. The a call came in from a private number who warned me not to shake hands with anyone in court on that day. Few minutes after the claimants came in and as usual I bow Less than 30minutes after the court started sitting, my client (the one that shook the man’s hand) started groaning in pain and that particular hand became very big more like elephantiasis.”

    @EreluChocolate wrote; “My evidence lecturer told us how the only witness that knew enough to testify on a land matter just got into the witness box and started scratching his body, as he was doing that, small pox was forming on his body. The man didn’t come back to testify”

    @lordcrucifix wrote; “Once represented a landlord who got tired of adjournments and all his tenants died sequentially in the space of 6 months

    “ @khyxxo wrote; “Even when one woman like that complained that she was looking for her wig in her office & later found it. As she wore that wig! Bro this woman face starting burning Fire. If u see her today..some part of her face is burnt including the lips.. If not prayers! She will be dead by now”

    @Rockefellerjr1 wrote; “Something similar happened to my course mate in school. He was a soldier, he said he was preparing for work and immediately he wore his boot, he felt like he was on fire. His whole body was burnt when I saw him. It’s a specific type of jazz, can’t remember what he called it again”

    @ADYK_41; wrote; “My dad was handling a land case in Ota. Many lawyers had left and my dad had been warned that they were really fetish. My dad was like, meh.

    “One night he felt a really sharp pain in his feet out of nowhere and when they checked, blood was pooling at his feet. No explanation”

    @OohmarhCee wrote; “My own story is that my journey to even becoming a lawyer was not here. Shit was always catching me just minutes before the exam. After the exam, I’ll be so fine as if nothing happened. The next day again, same thing. Somebody didn’t want me to be a lawyer”

    @Kingsglaive90 wrote; “Ijebu Ode High Court. 2009. After judgment has been passed in favour of the plaintiff, plaintiff’s car that has been parked without no issues suddenly developed traction, gained speed and entered the bush behind the courthouse. Ogun wá, my brother.”

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