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    FCT residents react to President Buhari,s description of them as ‘a necessary evil’


    Days after President Buhari made a statement describing the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) residents as ‘a necessary evil’ for voting the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 elections, the natives have described his statement as hate speech.

    The natives who are under the umbrella of Abuja Original Inhabitants Youth Empowerment Organisation (AOIYEO) in a statement by the president, Isaac David, said the people took exception to Buhari’s comminique.

    David said though the president said he was for nobody, “we believe he is for us as our president and should direct our affairs with that unbiased mindset.”

    According to him, the president lost the election in FCT due to various factors among which is the complacency by the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the territory.

    He recalled that the natives also queried the face that in 2015, PMB promised the indigenes at the Palace of the Ona of Abaji to appoint one of their own as minister of the FCT but he did not, adding that it left no one to monitor the elections on his behalf.

    The president travelled to Katsina state to vote, the vice president travelled to Lagos state to vote and the FCT minister travelled to Adamawa state to vote leaving the indigenes who constitutionally they represent as governor, deputy governor and acting governor in limbo and therefore amenable to influence by extraneous forces beyond their control. “This is the more reason why the president should appoint the minister of the FCT from the indigenes, somebody who speaks their language and knows them as is the case with the executive governors in the 36 states.”

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