Facebook Users Calls Out Pastor For Allegedly Impregnating 17-year-old Girl And Asking Her To Abort It

    While many people expect men of God to live exemplary lives, it appears there are still some bad fruits soiling the altar of God. An Enugu based Pastor has been called out for allegedly impregnating 17-year-old girl and asking her to abort it

    The pastor was called out by a Facebook user who goes by the name Olly Vid.

    According to Olly Vid, the said Pastor who goes by the name Emenike Samuel Ikuku on Facebook is based in Enugu State, Gariki precisely and is the founder of Winds of Liberation Prophetic Church International A.K.A Dominion House.

    Vid who expressed his annoyance at the fact that people have pleaded with the supposed man of God to take responsibility but he has refused and even asked the young girl to abort the pregnancy.

    Enugu pastor allegedly gets 17-year-old girl pregnant, asks her to abort it

    Part of Vid’s post reads: “How do you sleep with a 17years old girl and ask her to do abortion and you call your self a pastor? They have been begging you all this while to take responsibility for your actions but you feel like you are too big. So it’s better people get to know the truth and never fall victim to your stupid fake words again.”

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    Ikuku who some reports have stated is single and 36 years of age, appears to have deactivated his Facebook account as recent searches on the platform yielded no results.

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