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    Facebook post lands man in trouble as he was flogged for 2 hours for criticizing Local Government Official in Ebonyi state


    A man identified as Okochi Chukwu Obeni, a pastor and social commentator who hails from Ebonyi state was tortured and flogged for two hours over Facebook posts in which he criticised a local official for failing in his duty to build roads.

    Obeni took to his Facebook page to relay his ordeals in the hands of a local contractor who’d called him over to his house and tortured him over his comments on social media.

    Read his full account below;

    You alleged I committed sacrilege by posting something on Facebook
    You called me to your place I willfully came without knowing you have plotted evil against me.
    I came and you didn’t deemed it fit to ask me to call my parents
    You asked me to lay down and face the sun with my eyes open, then I obeyed.
    You passed judgement against me without fair hearing and at the absence of my parents.

    You naked me, tied my hands fixed tighten for more than two hours.
    You poured dirty water on me and gave me some to drink and eat dirties.
    You beat me 35 Stokes of cane and collected #9000 from me.
    You videoed me and take my photo shoots and posted it on social media and Amasiri Unity Forum
    You went about rumouring I was not in the hospital while I was almost paralyzed
    You assembled yourselves at the Chairman’s house to skim evil,
    You paid social media reporters, Newspaper reporter, radio and TV reporters to cover the events and justify your injustice against me was our cultural
    The newspaper, radio and TV you called carried the news and it escalated that our culture was barbaric and inhuman. All to
    cover your evil and witch-hunting against me and make it to look as if am fighting against me Community. You dirty our community the more.

    You faked and acted that you were kidnapped and need 10 million as ransoms for your release.
    You called Amasiri together and blackmailed me before them, for it to look as if am fighting my community.
    You sent aged women to threatened my family.
    I don’t know your next plan, whether to kill me, and not afraid of death while on the path of truth. One thing I know every mortal will one day die.
    All these episodes happened while I was fighting to live in Federal teaching hospital Abakaliki.

    You assault me, battered me, dehumidified me, molested me, beaten me, tied me and attempt killing me and you still refused I shouldn’t cry. God avenge for me
    I pity the innocent people who you’re using their intelligence to fight someone that never kill anybody, never steal, never sleep with someone’s wife, never deal on drugs and India herb smoking or any other obsession against the community.
    People who commit the above crime are freely walking and living
    My only crime was not supporting bad governance and all human rights abuses.
    Keep fighting me because the best fight is to fight someone who is alone.

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